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29c Kidrič StreetObject theatre, length 45 min

Photo Jaka Varmuž
The only thing still alive in the apartment on the second floor on 29c Kidrič Street are memories. Memories that have no appeal to official history but rather mark another, personal history. Memories of a childhood friend. Memories embittered by guilt. Memories imprinted in the space and the objects in it. The apartment thus becomes a contemplative space, where objects cease to be mere possessions but become artefacts, silent but eloquent testimonies of a life.

Through object theatre, 29c Kidrič Street stages the “loud silence” that takes place after a person’s death. The performance conceptualises the objects as entities that bear their own and inherited memory, as triggers that speak of a certain life while simultaneously intertwining the narrator's naivety and regret. Despite the fact that the author animates the objects, he cannot bring the space back to life, which it was once full of.

29c Kidrič Street, second floor. I’m standing at the door with his name on it. My name. I'm all grown up now. As I unlock it with a special anti-theft key, it opens accompanied by a uniform high crackling sound. I enter. Nothing has changed, but he is no longer here. I'm looking for him. I'm looking for his things. I'm looking for traces of him. Proof of existence. The shelves that only he could reach. How he put his things away. Where he put them. I'm wandering around the apartment aimlessly, observing all the things patiently waiting for someone to use them. Everything's waiting. 29c Kidrič Street, second floor, is waiting.

Premiere 2 February 2024, Kulturnica LGL

Martin Mlakar (1996) is a young actor and theatre artist who completed his studies at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in 2023 with a Master’s degree in the artistic word. As a student, he received the academy Prešeren Award for his role as Viktor in the production Victor, or Power to the Children. As actor and co-creator, he was included in the performance In the Name of the Mother (the Slovenian National Theatre Drama, directed by Ivica Buljan). He started collaborating with RTV Slovenia as a voiceover artist for animated cartoons. In 2022 he was employed as an animator at the Maribor Puppet Theatre, and in 2024 he became a member of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre ensemble.

Tajda Lipicer (2000) is a Master’s student of dramaturgy and performing arts at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television. She graduated with a dissertation on the theme of dramaturgical analysis of performing principles in contemporary puppet theatre. In addition to productions which were part of her studies at the Academy, she was the dramaturge for the performance Thumbelina (Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, directed by Maja Kunšič) and in the production of the young section of the Slovenian National Theatre Nova Gorica entitled Days That Must Happen (directed by Maruša Kink). She works at RTV Slovenia as a screenwriter for the shows Firbcologi and Studio Kriškraš, and as a translator of children's animated cartoons series. She was co-editor of Adept magazine and part of the international curatorial team of the MittelYoung festival organised by Mittelfest. She is a member of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre Expert Council.

Author: Martin Mlakar
Directors: Martin Mlakar, Tajda Lipicer
Dramaturge: Tajda Lipicer
Visual design: Damir Leventić, Martin Mlakar
Set designer: Damir Leventić
Language consultant: Maja Cerar
Author of music and sound: Darja Hlavka Godina
Lighting designer: Maša Avsec
Cast: Martin Mlakar
Stage Manager and Sound Designer: Aca Ilić/Slaviša Stevanović
Producer: Alja Cerar Mihajlović
Lighting technician: Maša Avsec
Set Technician: Slobodan Ilić
LGL workshops manager: Zoran Srdić
Set production: Damir Leventić, David Klemenčič, Uroš Mehle
: The songs Lastovka (Jure Robežnik/Milan Jesih/Jure Robežnik) performed by Elda Viler and Uspavanka (Iva Bittova, Vladimir Vaclavek) are used in the performance.