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Obveščamo vas, da bo blagajna in knjigarna LGL v ponedeljek, 26. 2., zaprta do 16. ure. V četrtek, 29. 2., bo odprta od 11.30 dalje. Hvala za razumevanje.

Mojca and the AnimalsMarionette show, length 45 min

Mojca and the Animals, Foto: Urška Boljkovac
Mojca and the Animals is one of our oldest and most popular folk tales, especially among our youngest viewers. It not only reflects the spirit of the time, but also brings us back to our roots. The famous fairy tale, first published back in 1954, tells about an innocent Rabbit who is wrongly convicted and persecuted till the end of his days for a simple reason that he is the smallest and the weakest member of society. On the other side, there is this canny little Fox, who cheats everyone, and yet is never held responsible for it. Presented to us on stage this time, is a new Mojca, who defines the spirit of our time through her relationships.
PREMIERE: September 2015, Small Stage LGL
Author: Eka and Brina Vogelnik
Director: Eka Vogelnik
Performers: Polonca Kores, Iztok Lužar, Matevž Müller, Klemen Janežič
Visual design: Eka Vogelnik
Dragamturgy: Blaž Lukan
Music: Brina Vogelnik
Language coaching: Metka Damjan
Assistant director: Brane Vižintin
Dramaturgy assistant: Lea Kučovičič
Puppet technology: Mitja Ritmanič
Lighting design: Kristjan Vidner
Producer: Pija Bodlaj
Head of performance and sound designer: Izidor Kozelj
Music played by: Blaž Celarec, Boštjan Gombač, Uroš Rakovec
Lighting technician: Matej Vidic
Set technician: Iztok Vrhovnik
Puppets, set and costumes: Zoran Srdić, Mitja Ritmanič, Sandra Birjukov, Iztok Bobić, Polona Černe, Eka Vogelnik, Urška Rednak, Mateja Smole, Miha Makovec
Puppet Wigs: Hermina Pavšin