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The PowerA Puppet Miniature, length 60 min

Power, photo Urška Boljkovac
In this performance the creators explore the field of an intimate puppet-object theatre. They found the materials that allow a double glimpse into the theme of power, the objects that enlarge or reduce, draw nearer or distance, hide or reveal the seen.

They are fond of marionettes, strings, with which they manipulate them or are manipulated by them as well as the images that we can understand within the comfort and security zone as the continuation or other form of hegemony over somebody or something. The authors also focused on different methods of manipulation with puppets, placing the audience between mirrors, strings, lights and glass. This visual puppet theatre miniature thus re-questions with its means of expression different motives of power and weakness, as well as of public and private.

The performance was originally conceived by three puppet creators. Jiří Zeman, actor and stage director, is a member of the International Theatre Group Krepsko, which creates a specific theatre language with absurd tragicomics, magical atmospheres and a fusion of circus and puppet elements. Gregor Lorenci, artist and inventor of unique set and puppet making techniques, is one of the most prominent creators of puppet images in our country (Pinocchio, Meat or Revelation).Martina Maurič Lazar, actor and stage director, and a member of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, presents to the audience yet another of her projects, which follows her successful productions of Draw me a Sheep, The Postman’s Tale and Laila.

20th June 2019, VADBENICA LGL
Authors, directors, actors: Jiří Zeman and Martina Maurič Lazar
Puppet Design: Gregor Lorenci
Music: Milko Lazar
Lighting Design: Maša Avsec
Producer: Alja Cerar Mihajlović
Stage Manager: Luka Bernetič
Set Technician: Kemal Vrabac Kordiš
Puppets, Set and Costumes Production: Gregor Lorenci, Taeko Yoshida, Jiří Zeman, Polona Černe, Zoran Srdić, Iztok Bobić, Sandra Birjukov, Marjeta Valjavec
Musicians: Vasilij Meljnikov, Milko Lazar and Milko Lazar Ensemble
Team Assistants: Benjamin Zajc, Jošt Rogelj
: The performance also uses the music by Johann Sebastian Bach and Domenico Scarlatti