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European Projects

EU-funded projects involving the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre: Contemporary Puppetry Critical Platform, Mapping, NAPP, Puppets & Design, Connect Up, Under-the-Radar Backstage Theatre Jobs 3 and Shock Brigades



ConnectUp sets in place an international cultural initiative for the target group 12+ in order to counteract the process of increasing social and cultural division across Europe. To achieve the aim of cultural inclusion it is essential to provide opportunities for  young people to actively engage with different nationalities, cultures and social groups and to remain open to other people and life experiences. The partners believe that this is the only way the young people can perceive and understand the positive potential of living and working in partnership and in shared responsibility within a global society. 

10 theatres with different artistic expertise, 9 festivals and 2 universities, working in the field of Theatre for Young Audiences, combine their different skills in a European “union of diversity” and plan a major investment in Audience Development. Following Nelson Mandela’s quote »No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin or his background or his religion...« the theatres and festivals aim to reach the cross section of society at least within their auditoriums by bringing together existing middle-class audiences with audiences from the margin of the society. 



Babel is a European large scale cooperation project, that pursues the rights of children and youth to full cultural citizenship, and it aims to investigate the communication process, intercultural dialogue, and mutual understanding in TYA and more extensively the Performing Arts for Young Audiences.

Sense (of) Sharing


Sense (of) sharing is a project designed to respond to the need to return to inhabit "the other by itself" in an effective and satisfactory way: through a process of shared training and meeting of practices and visions, a group of n ° 3 partner subjects (united by being at the same time artistic nuclei and organizers of Festivals in the field of theater for the new generations) will increase the baggage of their specific skills on the languages and tools of "making theater" (scenography, direction, acting techniques, light design, etc.) and at the same time they will meet the different educating communities of their respective territories (teachers, families, institutions and children) to weave and consolidate alliances based on methods and objectives, in order to raise awareness of the possibilities offered by theatrical practice in carrying out positive transformations in the relational / pedagogical (and therefore social) sphere, activate and amplify the audience communities of the respective festivals and collect re ideas for producing works based (such as themes and developed languages) on real needs.