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Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana (LGL) is the main Slovenian puppet theatre staging puppet and drama performances for children, youngsters and adults. Its predominant target audiences are children and young people. The public institution was established in 1948 (as the City Puppet Theatre) and has been based in Mestni dom in Krekov Square since 1984. In its work, the theatre builds on the hundred-year tradition of Slovenian puppetry. With the establishment of the Museum of Puppetry at the Ljubljana Castle, the LPT officially became the caretaker of this precious, century-old heritage. The theatre manages five regular and several smaller, occasional venues. At these venues, which offer seating for approximately a thousand people, it produces fifteen premieres a year and is visited by around 110,000 spectators.

Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana also pays special attention to cultural and artistic education in all its dimensions and at the national level cooperates in the endeavours to strengthen the standards and systemically place quality cultural content in the programmes of educational institutions. 

We organise International Puppet Festival LUTKE, which takes place every even-numbered year. This festival brings to Slovenia the best foreign puppet productions and promotes all kinds of contemporary interdisciplinary and genre developments. In addition to its regular programme, the LGL has in recent years developed a special programme profile for emerging artists and forms named BiTeater. This programme includes experimental productions that enrich the medium of puppet theatre with other artistic registers. BiTeater traces the limits of LPT’s performative variety, which ranges from cultivating the marionette tradition to contemporary problem plays for youth.

The LGL is a member of the International Puppetry Association UNIMA, ASSITEJ – International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People, the Slovenian Puppetry Artists Institution, Small Size, an international association focused on productions for early years (under six years of age), and one of the founding members of NEECPA, a network of puppet centres joining primarily the key players from Scandinavia, the Baltic region and Russia.

LGL is a public institution founded by the City of Ljubljana, whose work is predominantly financed by the Ministry of Culture and the City of Ljubljana. In addition to receiving regular public funds, the LPT generates profits by performing a public service (ticket sale, royalties for touring performances etc.) and operating in the market (organising events, renting out venues, selling products related to its basic programme, making mascots etc.). The LGL is open for various European partnerships and is successful in obtaining additional public funds from the EU budget.

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Uroš Korenčan, photo Mimi Antolović


Mare Bulc

Uroš Korenčan
+386 1 300 09 70

Mare Bulc
Artistic Director
+386 1 300 09 70

Helena Bačić
+386 1 300 09 70
Pija Bodlaj Zorman
+386 1 300 09 93
Alja Cerar Mihajlović
+386 1 548 45 41
Public relations
Eva Jera Hanžek
+386 1 548 4543
Bookstore manager
Nataša Antuničević Vižintin
+386 1 548 45 40
Coordinator, event planner
Edita Golob
+3861 300 09 74
Coordinator, event planner
Špela Juntes
+3861 300 09 76
Technical sector manager
Jure Žnidaršič
+386 1 300 09 91
Benjamin Zajc
+386 1 300 09 70
Keeper of archives and documents
Lidija Franjić
+386 1 300 09 72
Head of the Museum of Puppetry
Tjaša Juhart
T: +386(0)1 300 09 75
Vanja Arhar Kurent
+386 1 300 09 84
Bookstore Clerk
Sara Strle
T: 01 300 982


Miha Arh, photo Mimi Antolović
Miha Arh
Voranc Boh, photo Borut Bučinel
Voranc Boh
Jan Bučar, photo Mimi Antolović
Jan Bučar
Lovro Finžgar, photo Mimi Antolović
Lovro Finžgar
Urška Hlebec, photo Mimi Antolović
Urška Hlebec
Ana Hribar, photo Mimi Antolović
Ana Hribar
Nina Ivanič, photo Mimi Antolović
Nina Ivanič
Asja Kahrimanović Babnik, photo Mimi Antolović
Asja Kahrimanović Babnik
Aja Kobe, photo Mimi Antolović
Aja Kobe
Sonja Kononenko, photo Mimi Antolović
Sonja Kononenko
Polonca Kores, photo Mimi Antolović
Polonca Kores
Rok Kunaver, photo Mimi Antolović
Rok Kunaver
Maja Kunšič, photo Mimi Antolović
Maja Kunšič
Jernej Kuntner, photo Mimi Antolović
Jernej Kuntner
Iztok Lužar, photo Mimi Antolović
Iztok Lužar
Gašper Malnar, photo Mimi Antolović
Gašper Malnar
Martina Maurič Lazar, photo Mimi Antolović
Martina Maurič Lazar
Martin Mlakar, photo: Borut Bučinel
Martin Mlakar
Matevž Müller, photo Mimi Antolović
Matevž Müller
Alenka Tetičkovič, photo Mimi Antolović
Alenka Tetičkovič
Ajda Toman, photo Mimi Antolović
Ajda Toman
Brane Vižintin, photo Mimi Antolović
Brane Vižintin
Zala Ana Štiglic, photo Mimi Antolović
Zala Ana Štiglic
Jure Lajovic, photo Mimi Antolović
Jure Lajovic


Barbara Rogelj

Rok Kunaver
deputy chairman
Alenka Pirjevec
Nada Verbič Ela Porić


Tajda Lipicer
Nika Bezeljak
deputy chairman
Maša Radi Buh Jasna Vastl
Alenka Tetičkovič