Zaradi bolezni v ansamblu odpovedujemo predstavo Neli ni več, ki je bila na programu festivala Bobri
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Annual Theatre Inventory by Theatre Critics and Professionals in »Delo«, the main Slovene daily newspaper about Mission X: "... It is, however, one of those rare performances that can leave its stamp and satisfy the spectators, although pushing them at the same time into a discomfort zone as well as forcing them to self-inquiry ..."
The Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana is happy to invite you to visit the 13th Biennial Festival of Contemporary Puppetry Art LUTKE 2016 which will take place in Ljubljana from 9 to 13 September 2016. Its newest edition will feature fresh, quality and diverse puppet, object and visual theatre performances, created at the crossroads between the traditional puppet theatre and the puppetry media research, spreading the puppet's reference space and confirming endless and unimaginable possibilities of its expression, testing the borderline puppetry practices and offering miscellaneous visual expressions …
60 years passed since the first staging of The Little Sleepy Star (1955) at the Marionette Stage of the City Theatre Ljubljana. To commemorate this great anniversary, we have prepared special events.
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